Here at the Austin Hwy Gun Show  we aim to have the highest attended monthly two day gun show in the city. We utilize advertising in all forms of media: billboards, television, radio, newspaper, and the internet. Our proven history and customer base insure qualified buyers. Table Holders will receive two dealer badges. Only people working behind the booth are permitted dealer badges. All guns must be secured with plastic tie and/or cabled with an alarm. This is for everyone’s protection as well as a theft deterrent. You will not be permitted to open your booth until compliance is reached. You will receive an 8 ft table along with 2 chairs in an an air conditioned facility. You are expected to provide a table cover and something to cover your table with overnight. We do provide 24 hour armed law enforcement security at each show. Reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis. You will be responsible for abiding by our “Rules and Policies”.

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